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At 31 million, India has the largest number of children who are orphaned anywhere in the world. One in every ten Indian children will be orphaned in their lifetime. 

“Service of mankind is service to God” As the quote rightly says, It means that selfless service for the cause of humanity is as important as worshiping God.”

Thomas Children School for Needy’ currently has 300 children in their home.  The circumstances surrounding each child coming to the orphanage is as different as each of the children.  Some children are taken in because they were hungry and living (and sleeping) on the streets, constantly moving from home to home looking for food and a safe place to sleep. There are no questions regarding the child’s status, caste, religious beliefs or family background. Each new child is carefully brought into the growing group of TCHN house. This means they are given a safe and clean place to sleep, they are well fed, and they are abundantly loved.

Children between the ages of 3 to 6 years were admitted. This age is crucial and is conditioned by the body to develop mind, emotions, and to facilitate the creation of a strong foundation for children who would ultimately grow into mature and responsible adults for their own good and for the good of the community and the Nation. We provide an environment of LOVE and total CARE that would provide survival, development and protection to the hapless orphans, Semi-orphans, and destitute children.